Denny’s Place

Dennys Place

735 Old Lincoln Highway

Crecent, Iowa


Date of Royal Visit: Friday April 20, 2018 about 7 p.m.

Denny's Sign

The Kings are dead! Hardly, just because The Omaha Pizza Kings are too fat and lazy on pizza to write new reviews, does not mean that they don’t care about their loyal followers! It certainly doesn’t mean that King James and King Richard have stopped eating pizzas! So, after King James had ye royal ear bent about Denny’s Place, they decided it was time to once again set afoot. Off to the territory of Crecent Iowa, to see what tasty pizzas might be available for reviewing…oh yeah, eating too.

In the usual gluttonous style, the Pizza Kings settled on three…count ’em, three different pizzas! This of course was only done in the name of pizza science. Thankfully, the prices at Denny’s Place were quite easy on the Royal’s budget. The three pies were a typical combo, a bacon cheeseburger, and finally…a lowly hamburger pizza.

Denny's Hamburger & Cheeseburger

Surprise! Kings Richard and James agreed that the lowly hamburger pie was the winner! The few ingredients allowed the flavors that were present to shine through. It earned four crowns on its own. The bacon cheeseburger was a close second. This was the first time King James had pickles on a pizza, and the experience was a bit on the “hmmmm?” side. Not bad though. In last place was the Combo, just nothing great flavor-wise. The Combo still rated three and one half crowns. Consistent through all pizzas, was a relatively thick crust. It was never greasy, decent flavor, and sturdy enough for all ingredients ordered.

King James and King Richard are in agreement, and give Denny’s’ pizzas an overall score of  3.75 Crowns! 3.75 crowns

Denny’s Place is a bit of a dive, but even royalty can have fun with that! Check it out, an easy drive across the North 680 Missouri River bridge.

Here’s to pizza!

Pizza Pie Guys

The Pizza Pie Guys

5138 N 156th St. Omaha (Southwest corner of 156th & Fort)

(402) 715-5050

Visit: Friday, January 30, 2015, about 7:30 pm
Traffic: Dining room / take out /delivery – Medium

First off, this is not the same set-up the Pizza Pie Guys had on 120th Street between Blondo and Maple. They’ve changed their tune, and provide a full service pizzeria.pp combo

Now, for the first time in awhile, The Pizza Kings dueled over scoring The Pizza Pies Guy’s pizza. Whilst it doesn’t occur often, the Kings held fast to their personal opines this time around. The Kings lacked sufficient common ground for a single score, sort of like your U.S. Congress.

Let’s begin. We were pleased to find a large variety of specialty pizzas on the menu, from Reuben, to Green Chili Enchilada, to Lacy’s Special, which is an intriguing mix between BBQ and Alfredo sauce. Certainly, there isn’t a shortage of selections here!

We Kings selected the Combo, and the Pancetta White Chicken at the counter, and then took our thrones. We both were taken immediately with the wonderful toppings on both pies. The combo had big, fresh, and scrumptious chunks of goodness. The pepperoni had good volume and persistent flavor. The sausage was of high flavor and quality, and the vegetables were fresh and crunchy. The chicken on the Pancetta was  clearly of high quality stock, and the garlic Alfredo on the Pancetta was delicious to King James, but just sufficient for King Richard. King James compared it to Pudgy’s Austrian, another white sauce pizza.PP chick

Beyond the toppings is where matters take a turn. Both Kings agree the crust was – like the dining area – utilitarian and without character or taste. Its structure generally held up well, with the exception of some greasy soggy-bogging in the middle of the combo. King James titled this “grease-a-licious” while Richard found it off-putting. The other issue lands on the combo, or actually doesn’t – the sauce. Neither King noticed it. At all.

This is where The Kings split. King James believed the toppings were of such caliber, that if rated alone, they’d be in 4.5 crown territory. However, King James overall pie rating was a four crown rating. Yet King Richard found the generic crust and lack of substantial sauce  (in taste or quantity) on the combo was a severe detriment, especially at the prices being asked. So while our scores are close, we stand firm in our opinions:

King Richard Rates: 3.5 crowns3.5 crownsKing James Rates: 4 Crowns4. crowns

As for the rest, The Pizza Pie Guys have a modest, utilitarian dining area (emphasis on utilitarian – if you like dining in a chilly room next to unused equipment). Alas, they did have a nice, big screen television, and the service was good. They seem to be more focused on delivery and take out orders. Otherwise, everything is pretty no nonsense:  no booze, no fountain drinks, no paper receipts! They said they would text us the receipt, but it never arrived.  Check Pinpoint for Pizza Pie Guys; Pinpoint use could help offset the slightly high prices.

In conclusion, overall a pleasant experience for both Kings, and a respectable pizza despite its foibles.

Until next time, the Kings bid you adieu!

Spin Neapolitan Pizza

Address: 248 Olson Drive, Papillion NE (SE corner of 84th & Hwy 370)

Phone: 402.935.7746


Visit Date: Friday 12-5-2014, 6 p.m.

This was actually the second visit for The Kings to the approximately two month old Spin location. The first time the pemisis was swarmed by royal pizza subjects and the Kings opted to retreat until they could visit and evaluate Spin Pizza’s offerings with less tumult. If you visit their website, you will see that Spin is a small chain with diverse locations.

We did make a better choice for this review date. The place was still busy, but everything moved quite well, and we were supplied a clear table for dining. Ordering is done at the counter like many more casual pizza shops, but this place is a little nicer. It has a good beer and wine selection and the decor is to say the least, beyond beer sign decor. You are given a tab, a number, and then you’re off to choose your seat.

Our drinks arrived soon, and our pizzas were also very quick to come. So far, a pretty good impression. So, what fine pies did the Kings select from the menu? As usual, two that nicely represented the two ways that Spin dresses the crust.

Five Cheese Please!

Five Cheese Please!

The first pizza was a Five Cheese. We got the original crust( whole wheat and gluten free crusts are also available). The Five Cheese was “dressed” with a garlic olive oil glaze. Cheeses were mozzarella, provolone, fontina, taleggio, grana padana. It also had pine nuts on it. King JT had to poke at King RJ’s crown until he would be talked into the cheese only pizza. As it turned out, both Kings enjoyed the Five Cheese. King RJ thought it was a bit on the salty side, and King JT could see his point; Yet it was still very tasty, and well seasoned on the thin hand stretched crust.

Italian Sausage & Carmelized Onions

The second pizza was Italian Sausage with Caramelized Onions. Both of our pizzas are in the gourmet pizza category, and there are many other interesting combination offerings including, Italian Sausage and Apple! Our sausage & onion pizza was also quite good. Noteworthy was the fresh, crushed tomato sauce. King JT thought it similar in quality to the delicious sauce at Pizzeria Davlo. The sausage was nicely flavored and the onion was in sweet contrast to the sausage’s spiciness.

The “discernment period” was the usual quiet time, lost in concentrating on pizza tastes. Then the time was upon The Kings, we were free to bespeak of the awarding of Crowns. King RJ preferred the sausage and onion pizza. King JT gave the edge to the five cheese. When the pepperoni had finally settled, The Kings betrothed Spin with 4.25 crowns! These are pizzas one could certainly crave, but eat fast as their thin crusts cool off quickly and the flavors fade with the waning heat.

Overall Spin is a nice experience. It can be crowded, so you may have to wait. Service was friendly and efficient.

INSERT MANDATORY PUN HERE: So, that’s The Omaha Pizza Kings spin on Spin! Cheers!

Spin Rates!

Spin Rates!

Brick Oven Pizza


, ,

Brick Oven Pizza
624 S 72nd St, Omaha, NE 68114
(402) 393-2270
Brick Oven Pizza Facebook page

Nov. 28th – Visit about 6:30pm

‘Twas quiet upon arrival to this den just beyond the heavily beaten path to the Nebraska Furniture Mart. The Brick Oven has been around over two years, and yet this was our first travail to this modest locale. We shouldn’t have waited so long.

At the counter we were immediately greeted by a gentleman of high charisma and enthusiasm for his product. He spoke of the many ways they could regale us with pizza goodness and didn’t seem to want to stop. We played it safe and ordered a two-part pizza with their Combo to one side and a Hawaiian on the other. brick 2

We two kings dug in and were pleased directly with the toppings, especially on the Combo side. These morsels were chunky, plentiful and all fresh. On the combo side we found the Italian sausage to be some of the best to ever cross our accomplished tongues. The pepperoni was also clearly made by clever butchers. Even the veggies were very good, notably the green pepper. And this is no wonder since the sires here cater to the vegetarian crowd (and based on what we tasted, a veggy pizza would be a welcome venture).   The Hawaiian side also hailed goodness with a delicious, smokey Canadian bacon. The owner has a knack for choosing quality toppings!

We have to rate the crust as simply utilitarian. That is – it did it’s job and stood up to the mild grease without getting too flimsy, but was lacking in flavor. We regret that it wasn’t until after our consumption of the pie we realized these folks had several custom crusts to choose from. So much for playing it safe. We’ll look forward to trying them next time.

The sauce was an issue between the kings. There wasn’t much there, but that is somewhat trumped by the incredible toppings that provided ample flavor.

The Brick Oven clearly goes to extremes to accommodate any taste with an abundant diversity of toppings, crusts, sauces, sizes (by-the-slice available) calzones, vegan options and more. brick

The atmosphere is friendly, clean and comfortable, but slightly ramshackled – as though you went to your friend’s place before he/she had the chance to tidy. They don’t serve alcohol – yet, but the owner sheepishly apologized for this and said he was working on bringing in the ale someday soon.

The Brick Oven Pizzaria certainly has a spirit for pizza (as clearly displayed by the owners several charismatic visits to our table) and they take great pride in their unique product.

Because of this uncommon combination of pizza craftsmanship and a product that leaves us yearning for more, the Omaha Pizza Kings happily bestow a score of 4.25 crowns. We look forward to revisiting to satisfy our royal cravings as well as our curiosity to try the other sauces and crusts. Heartily recommended!

The King's bestow!

The King’s bestow!

Return To Lansky’s

Date: Friday May 2nd, 2014 about 7 P.M.

Address: 50th & “L” (this review) / 3909 Twin Creek DR. Bellevue / 1131 N Broadway Council Bluffs

Website: http://

Traffic: Light to Moderate

Lansky's Second Review

Lansky’s Second Review           4.5 Crowns!

King Pepperoni

King Pepperoni

It is difficult work being a royal pizza reviewer. One of the challenges is to continue reviewing all the different places there are. It means sometimes forgoing a stop to an old favorite in order to fulfill our kingly duties to our royal pizza subjects. On this night, King RJ and I decided to return to Lansky’s, one of our highest rated pizzerias. We needed to check to be sure the Royal taste buds could still be driven to “Royal Cravings” territory. We were not disappointed.

Once again, two “signature pizzas,” different ones than our first review. Both are quite simple pizzas, but at the same time, have a certain complexity to them. First, The King Pepperoni, lots of pepperoni and mozzarella. Second, Carmela’s Sicilian: Hamburger, onions, and Romano cheese only.

A short wait and King RJ and I had two pizzas in front of us. “Can’t stop eating”, that is the best way I can describe this dining experience. Both Kings preferred the pepperoni but King RJ more so than I. The sauce was very tasty on this pizza, and the pepperoni itself was tangy good! The crust on both pizzas was very good but got a tad greasy toward the center of the pepperoni pizza. Remember, if it is really good pepperoni, it gets a “pass” on a little grease. The Carmela’s is a very different pizza that not everyone is going to like. That is probably due to the pungent Romano. This pizza is a little bit on the drier side; we speculate that the cheese is probably responsible for soaking up some of that moisture. It is still a very tasty pizza that had me grabbing for another slice even after saying, “I’m stuffed”.

Carmela's Sicilian

Carmela’s Sicilian

Lansky’s is still a high ranking favorite. King RJ and I bestow another 4.5 Crown rating. Keep up the good work Lansky’s! To the owners, if you’ve got the energy, how about moving one location out west. We think you would do well!

Cheers! The Omaha Pizza Kings

Dudley’s Pizza and Tavern

Address: Aksarben Village
Telephone: 402.933.7511
Date: April 11, 2014. 6:30 P.M. Traffic: Medium/Heavy


Dudley’s “Uncle Dan”

We Kings rambled in quest for zesty pizza to Aksarben Village to investigate the new-ish Dudleys Pizza and Tavern this week. Aksarben Village has been reveling in a steady crescendo of fashionableness, hence many a lords and misses were afoot along with their whippersnappers.

T’was only a spell before our server arrived and took our order. To preface our regalement, we ordered up brews (from a wonderfully large variety) and tried out the bread sticks which were worthy of our imperial appetites. We were moved to chortle a bit as the appetizer section included chocolate chip cookies. Like all menu items, they even had a suggested brew to pair with the cookies.

For the main event this evening, we opted for their “Uncle Dan” variety – a pie beholding the collection of Italian sausage, grilled onion, green peppers and Dudley’s “classic red sauce”. Additionally, we ordered a small pepperoni.

The Uncle Dan’s ingredients were good with crispy veggies and a nice sausage. But we quickly learned why they labelled it “classic red sauce” – it wasn’t deficient, just nothing to scribe to the castle about. Further – there wasn’t much of it – certainly a jest in amount rendering it almost unnoticeable.  The crust, well – we’ll get to the crust henceforth…

The Pepperoni - Almost more crust than pizza!

The Pepperoni – Almost more crust than pizza!

The small pepperoni had good discs upon the pie, but had the same issue with the sauce.

Now – about said crust. Dudley’s provides an unusually abundant crust, especially at the edges where it appears the dough is rolled high. You basically have a voluminous bread stick encircling your pizza. Ah but there’s the rub. The crust was so large t’was o’er wroght and sacrificed real estate for the juicy bits of the pizza. So on the small, the crust made up almost half of the pizza. This ratio seemed to look ok on the large we saw at a neighboring table, but it is overwhelming for the medium and small. But that’s not all for this crusty crust. Along with an excessive coating of corn meal,  t’was also burnt at the peaks, and enough to introduce a pervasive charred flavor.

The atmosphere at Dudley’s is quaint and prime for viewing of subjects from all walks of life. One oddity is the noises coming from the gym on the second floor. There are occasional loud booms coming from above when the weight lifters drop their bar-bells, alas it was only mildly annoying.

In the end, we kings thinketh Dudley’s makes a good pizza, but haven’t tweaked the recipe enough. As a result they let the overzealous crust and lack of sauce get in the way of a more balanced pie. Even so – the overall taste experience was satisfactory, but nothing to take home to the Queen. The Kings shrug up a rating of 3.25 crowns.





Pizzeria Davlo

Address: 14220 Fort Street

Telephone: 402-763-2375


Date: March 22, 2014. 6:30 P.M. Traffic: Medium


davlop in

Dining Room







Tales were being relayed by The King’s royal subjects, “Your majesties, there’s a new pizza place called Davlo”. After conferring a spell, King RJ and I decided we needed to head out into our vast territory to determine whether there were any delicious pizzas being baked on the premises.  Dressed to dazzle, the kings move on to our order!

The flagship pizzas here are the deep dish. We ordered the “House”: sausage, pepperoni, mushroom, onion, and red pepper. We also wanted to try their thin crust. I pushed for spicy sausage and mushrooms; King RJ agreed, but hesitantly.

Deep Dish!

Deep Dish!


Thin crust, spicy sausage

Thin crust, spicy sausage








The pizzas did take quite awhile to arrive. The deep dish pies are always a bit longer in the oven. The only glitch in our service was a reminder we had to give in regards to a salad we ordered. But the pizzas did finally arrive, and we were up to our elbows in pizza before we could proclaim, “We’re starving”!

No talking! Just eating and pondering pizza! King RJ proclaimed the deep dish “a brilliant pie”. The deep dish was my favorite of the two, and I’m not a huge deep dish kind of King. I felt upon delivery, it was a bit cool in parts. Look at the height of the deep dish’s edge crust in the photo! It is a good 1.5 to 2 inches high! Too much bread? Not when the crust is this flaky and tasty. The toppings: I found myself saying, “this is very pleasant to consume, but you better like crust, sauce, and cheese”. The other toppings seemed to fall away, but the combined flavors, were very nice. The sauce was very fresh and strong with tomatoes. RJ called the sauce “standard deep dish”; I thought the sauce headed off toward “Royal Cravings”.

The thin crust spicy sausage is next. First off, a different sauce. It was thicker, different flavor. Now a little background royal pizza subjects, a while back I had to put the royal ka-bosh on King RJ’s use of the adjective “smokey”. Now, for my fellow king, I lift the moratorium on his use of “smokey”. Anyway, he thought the sauce on the thin crust had a nice, smokey flavor. In spite of his general avoidance of spicy food, King RJ really enjoyed the sausage pizza. On the other hand, I’m the one that really wanted that concoction, and I was disappointed. There was an emphasis on the heat, there wasn’t the tasty Italian sausage flavor I was looking for.

Once we had eaten our fill, we started to talk the bestowing of crowns upon Pizzeria Davlo. We both felt this new establishment would be a good candidate for stirring Royal Cravings. So, with a wave of our scepters…

The King’s bestow 4.25 crowns!

This place is definitely worth checking out especially if you’re a fan of Chicago style deep dish pizza. The thin crust was also a strong performer. Service was good, the decor is decent. Lastly, they have a nice selection of beers as well as wine and hard liquor.

Ciao for now, from The Omaha Pizza Kings!

Mama Alvino’s Pizzaria

Visit Date: Sunday, 1-26-2014, Lunch

Phone: 402-296-6666

Address: 2861 Capehart Rd; Bellevue, NE


King RJ and I did a quick survey of the kingdom to find a place we hadn’t reviewed, as well as a place that was open for lunch on Sunday. We Kings had never heard of Mama Alvino’s, but we quickly headed out the door and across the drawbridge to RJ’s coach. Off to the hamlet of Bellevue we went!

King RJ swore he knew how to get to our destination. Only one small error in navigating the royal coach, King RJ had to do a quick 180 as we realized we were headed straight for Offutt’s entrance gate. The loyal guard took quick notice of our emergency maneuver. We joked that we should’ve ducked under the dash, and gunned it just to see what happened.

Finally at  Mama Alvino’s, we were seated by a young lass…we were her only customers until one other couple came in after a spell. Two pies again: one with Canadian bacon and pineapple, the second pie a combo with: sausage, pepperoni, onion, green pepper, and black olives. We enjoyed a yummy appetizer while awaiting the main course.

The cook made an error thinking we only wanted a Canadian bacon pineapple pizza. So we started in on that while awaiting the combo. What was notably tasty? The crust was very nice; it was on the thin side, not at all greasy on either pizza. In fact, it had a tiny, tasty char on the underside. It seemed to have received some high temperatures when cooked. The other positive on these pizzas was a pleasing sauce.

I had overheard the other customer in the restaurant request extra cheese. This to the Pizza Kings was a bit on the shocking side. The trouble with both of our pizzas was, sound the trumpets…too much cheese! This made all of the other toppings difficult to find, and difficult to taste.

So, after some time in the “discernment period”, we Kings bestowed 3.25 Crowns on Mama Alvino’s Pizzaria. We even overheard the surprise in our waitress’s voice when she delivered the “extra cheese” pizza to our fellow diners. King RJ and I think this place could fair better. We suspect that on this off business day (Sunday), we may have been subjected to Alvino’s “B” chef. Perhaps The Kings will try to hit the “A” crew another time. For now…

Mama Alvino’s earns:



Mama’s Pizza (West)

2013-12-29 06_54_24-Mamas Pizza - HomeMama’s Pizza (this review)
15615 Pacific Street Omaha, NE 68130
(402) 933-5090

    Also: 715 N Saddle Creek Road (original location)   &  8146 S 96th Street

The Kings finally secured a table at Mama’s Pizza after 2 previous weekend attempts to penetrate their fully occupied shops (both the east and west) left us wanting for vacancy. This roused our curiosity as to what victuals they might have to cause such attraction! Or was it their trademark “wall carpet” that lured the masses? We successfully dodged the throngs by procuring thrones on a week night instead of our usual weekend outing.

We snapped for ales and 2 pies – a combination, and a half/half pepperoni/sausage.

On all our royal chompings, we kings enjoyed the thickness and chew of the crust. We give a worthy pass to the sauce, being both spicy and flavorful. Topping portions were satisfactory. The combo was very hefty (certainly enough to fill any king’s belly) though the hamburger left us wanting for more flavor. As well, the sausage was clearly inconsistent in flavor and spice, and our buds of good taste were sullied by the common misfortune of processed mushrooms.

Greasy-ness was kept in check (even on the pepperoni) which we think may be due to the unique platters the pies travel upon that elevate the pizza from the bottom of the plate – allowing any drippage to separate from the pie. Curious-good!

In the end, King JT took merry favor with the pepperoni, finding it flavorful and of upstanding texture. His highness RJ found the combo to be a robust affair, pleased with its multitude and generosity of toppings.

Mama’s atmosphere is classic family fair; heavy on the Huskers and informality. A very comfortable venue overall.

Side note: An error with our order gave us a cheese pizza instead of our pep/sausage. You would think these subjects would wave the price difference upon realizing their error. Instead King JT was summoned to the counter to pay the difference in an awkward transaction that left us waiting for our 2nd pizza. Leave the Kings in wait like common serfs?? Poppycock! They’re lucky we only score on the pizza itself!

We Kings deem thee Mama’s Pizza worthy of 3.5 crowns.

3.5 crowns