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4.5 crowns

The Pizza:

Toppings:  Fresh and crispy vegetables, quality spiced meats that held their own taste.

Crust:  Crispy, juicy, and just the right chewy with an amazing subtle flavor.

Sauce:  Excellent tangy sauce, but we wanted more.

Lansky’s has an incredible crust which serves as a strong base canvas to well thought out ingredients. You can tell they’re not just throwing on basics, they go extra steps to spice and flavor their quality meats and use fresh vegetables. We ordered 2 pizzas that came to our table quickly and piping hot. Now, pepperoni always generates grease. But the meat on Lansky’s “King Pepperoni” not only has a quality taste, but it also holds back on the grease letting just enough through for flavor. We couldn’t agree with the menu’s claim of “lots of pepperoni”, but there was still enough to keep it enjoyable. The second pizza was the “Primo”, a combo type pizza which is set apart by it’s thickly sliced roma tomatoes. Again, quality meats (pepperoni, spicy sausage, hamburger) and fresh ingredients all held their flavors with every bite.

Other food:  The garlic bread was yummy and came with a small bowl of very good dipping marinara.

Other data and Info (not included in rating)

Location:  50th & ‘L’ st.(Lanskys has two other locations in Bellevue and Council Bluffs)

Visited:  Friday June, 6th, 2012

Service:  Counter walk up – ordered immediately with friendly, efficient attendant.

Atmosphere:  The 80s are alive and well at this location with pastel pinkish chairs and light fixtures that Boy George would be proud of. But it is clean and roomy with a good sized party room.  A solid attraction at this location is the excellent collection of large print photos presenting Omaha’s past. It’s practically a museum of fascinating local history.

Conclusion:  The Omaha Pizza Kings declare Lansky’s is one of Omaha’s best! Excellent flavors are infused into this pie by careful selection of ingredients and excellent balance of flavor.

Final Lansky’s Rating:

4.5 Crowns