The Pizza

This week their majesties happily arrived upon the iconic Big Fred’s and beseeched a basic hamburger pizza and a sausage “Goodie Roonie” double crust pizza .

The hamburger pizza was a solid example of it’s kind with lots of decently seasoned meat, a proper load of cheese, and that crispy thin crust. The sauce and meat generated most of the flavor, but the crust did not contribute as it should in taste. The double crust pizza  was fullsome with meat and cheese, but we think perhaps our charge was shuffled and assume hamburger to be dispensed rather than the sausage we ordered. In any matter, the main drawback on the double crust was the doughy consistency and flavor of the crust overpowering the rest of the ingredients.

Toppings: Fresh, seasoned, but couldn’t tell the difference between the hamburger and the sausage….if that was sausage.

Crust (Regular): Nice dry, crispy, thin hand-tossed crust, but in the end, utilitarian and weak on flavor.

Crust (Double Crust): Doughy flavor – only barely browned – may have been undercooked.

Sauce: Decent flavor, would like to have seen more.

Other data and info (not included in the rating)

Service: Friendly, and polite, but we suspect our server was overtaxed.  There was no warning that the double crust pizza would take 35 minutes to arrive. Two other larger assemblies that came in after us were served before we were. Don’t they know who we are? We’re the Omaha Pizza Kings!  Oh wait …we don’t want them to know.  Right. Never mind.

Atmosphere: LOTs of room in the quartered sections of the restaurant. Bring the whole clan (and the team,.. and their friends….)  General 80’s sports decor, clean and… wow!… is that carpet on the walls? How wickedly wonderful is that? It helps dampen down the jabber. However, they should really take pains to address the carpet on the floor …years of filthy established there.

Location: 1101 S 119th Street, Omaha

Visited Sunday July 15th at 12:50 PM.

Conclusion: Fred’s has been around since the 60’s. For such an Omaha pizza icon, we were surprised at the missed opportunities here. No “wow” factor found on this visit, just plain but adequate pizza. This is a well established pizzeria with decent variety on the menu and lots of room. Befitting when prospecting pie accommodations for your multitude.

Final Score: 3 crowns