Update: Villagio Pizza is under new     management with a new menu as of March 2013. Phone: 402-502-4400.

The Omaha Pizza Kings set about to conquer a new pizza territory, that being known as the commonwealth of Villagio Pizzeria. Having just received keys to the new territory (some coupons), they arrived in full regalia about 6:30 p.m. on Friday July 27th, 2012. Business was moderate to heavy.

Villagio is located in the Cherry Hills plaza on North 102nd (used to be Sam & Louie’s). It’s nice, clean and casual.

There was a bit of confusion as to whether or not we would have a waiter or simply order at the counter. It turned out to be the latter. The tables are numbered and all orders are brought to the corresponding table.

We ordered two pizzas so we could get a better idea of the offerings. One was a specialty pizza called, “The Villagio”. The Kings decreed second pie would have Italian sausage and hamburger on it. The sauce was Villagio’s sweet, red. Both pizzas were blanketed with the “house blend” of cheeses: mozzarella, provolone, and parmesan.

2 topper:Let’s talk about the two-topper first. King JT liked the thin crust best. This was on the thin or “Napoli” style crust. The toppings were plentiful but this pizza was actually hurt by the addition of the dull hamburger, which muddied the flavorful Italian sausage. The sauce was “as advertised”, sweet but without much character beyond that, though RJ found it smokey/sweet and most enjoyable. The pizza was not greasy, and the thin crust maintained its dry, snappy crunch.

Now the Villagio. We decreed that this pie be on the hand-tossed crust with their standard tomato sauce. The Villagio is spangled with pepperoni, green pepper, black olives, fresh garlic and oregano. Its a little odd, as this is their closest to standard combo, and has just one meat;, pepperoni. Both kings thought the pepperoni was a jewel of a tasty treat. However, there need to be more of this for the kings to be dazzled. JT found this sauce the preferred although both were good and plentiful. We found the crust thick and chewy – cooked perfectly. JT found the edge a bit on the thick side…a little too much bread. Neither found the pie greasy. Other toppings were fresh and tasty.

His highness JT and his royal eminence RJ, both found the house cheese blend to just come across as mozzarella. Sadly, the provolone and parmesan did not come through. All toppings were fresh on both pies!

Our pies came out at different times. There was some confusion and our Villagio sat on the kitchen counter until the help figured out who it was for (we had to tip them off). That pie took 35 minutes. Future trips to Villagio will likely yield higher scores now that we know how to order.

Overall, we believe this establishment is off to a worthy start with a shot at majesty!

Final Villagio Pizzeria rating:

3.5 Crowns