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Address: 711 North 132nd ST

Website: www.franksnewyorkpizza.com

Visit: Tuesday 8/28/2012 6:00 P.M.

The Kings are not fixated! We just happened to visit another pizzeria with “Frank” in the name. We perused the menu, and directed the serf at the counter.

Once again, we chose two pizzas that we hoped would be worthy of the Kings. The first was chosen on the recommendation of a duke named Bob. We’ll call him duke Bob. Duke Bob recommended a pie from another pizzeria that only had extra cheese, olive oil, and one or two other seasonings. So, we tried Frank’s Margherita  pizza: mozzarella, fresh basil, and olive oil. It seemed to have some tomato on it as well. The second pizza was called the “Special”. Ingredients on this pie were: sausage, peppers, onions, extra cheese, pepperoni, hamburger, black olives, and anchovies (We decreed that Frank send the anchovies to the dungeon).

His highness JT found the Margherita to be out of the ordinary as expected. The fresh basil came through loud and clear. Cheese was light on both pizzas and that seemed to help them not be overly filling. Both pies used the same crust, formed by hand-pressing versus hand-tossed. It made for a very consistently thin crust through the pizza’s diameter. It was of medium thickness and the edges. King RJ thought the crust notable, but soggy in the center while King JT found it different, but not necessarily better. Sauce was light and had a good tomato flavor. Some disagreement between the monarchs on freshness of toppings. RJ found them fresh, flavorful, and distinct. JT thought the peppers did not look fresh. The Special was very fragrant upon arrival but didn’t “wow” for some reason. This thin crust will not support much in the way of toppings and can be hard to handle.

The adornments at Frank’s are very random and serendipitous, consisting of  photos of customers, and sports decor. Service was friendly and fast. The menu also includes a number of Italian dishes, sandwiches, and salads. The plates were paper thin and utensils were plastic – a little too lean for the Kings.

Now, by the authority vested in our most worthy kings, the ratings:

Frank’s Pizzaria ………

                                                   3.5 Crowns