Address: 8216 Grover Street

Phone: 402-391-6300

Website: technically none,  but the original location does:  www.lacasapizzaria.net

Traffic: medium to heavy, post-Husker game.

There are two La Casa locations with some similarities. The Leavenworth (east) location is the original, larger location with a more extensive menu. However, the Kings chose the Westgate location this week so they could utilize the nearby Big Papio Trail to ride their two-wheeled steeds to dinner.

An uncommon occurrence, the queens were along on this quest for pizza. Never before had any other persons (living or dead) been witness to the intense brain-work that is pizza judging of the Omaha Pizza Kings. Fear not loyal followers! The queens kindly agreed to hush during the discernment in order to ensure no influence on our lofty, high standards.

This is a territory The Kings have trod before. We ordered two pies from an efficient, working class chap at the counter. The Kings are wise; they brought cash! You see, at La Casa West, cash is the third king! Plastic and checks are banished.

We ordered a Classic Hamburger, and the second pie was bejeweled only with sausage. Our pies arrived in 15 to 20 minutes and our noble, pizza taste buds went to work. The queens were paralyzed by the intense process they witnessed. Both pizzas are described as Neapolitan style. There aren’t many pizzas like this in the Omaha area empire.

Both kings found the crust to be a delightful. It was thin, light, flaky, and durable. King JT said, “I could hold a piece of this pie at the edge, and the  piece would stick straight out even with a load of seasoned hamburger”. The Kings agree again; the hamburger was the better pie. The beef is finely ground, majestically seasoned, and endowed with a tasty mix of mozzarella and the oft forgotten Romano cheese. King JT decrees, “this is the rare hamburger pizza I must have”! RJ resolved, “The La Casa Hamburger pizza with Romano is a resplendent Omaha pizza classic!”.

Now a little about the sausage pizza. King RJ thought the flavor of the sausage “okay” and JT found it simply flavorless. Both kings pondered whether it was sausage at all. Still, the base of the pizza was an enticing union of flavors.

The crowned ones enjoyed the tomato sauce from both pies thoroughly. King RJ decreed it as, “bulky and flavorful”. His highness JT noticed the tiny diced tomato pieces hinting at a fresh, home-made concoction. Sauce was plentiful.

So, how did the commonwealth known as La Casa West fare? If rated separately, King JT would have given the Classic Hamburger 4.5 crowns and the sausage only 3.5 crowns. King RJ rates his overall La Casa West pies 4.0. The Kings have yet to find another La Casa topping/combo that can compete with the amazing La Casa hamburger pizza. It’s a very unique situation when a hamburger pizza is the star! Our next La Casa visit will be to the Leavenworth Street location.

The atmosphere was clean, casual, comfortable, but a bit noisy. Had it been cooler, we would have enjoyed the outdoor seating.   Bike Friendly! Just off the Big Papio trail at 84th St.

Overall La Casa West:    4 Crowns