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Location: 117th and Blondo 

Thurs. Sept 6th – 6:45 PM – Medium traffic.

Website: http://samandlouiespizza.com/

The Kings are mightily familiar with the fare at Sam & Louie’s and anticipated with good appetite the official sampling of their goods for the royal blog. To our amazement, this usually favored merchant let us down a trifle.

From their menu of favorable variety, we chose to partition our pie between “Sam & Louie’s Best” (a combo concoction), and the Hawaiian.

Both royals found the toppings fresh but inconsistent in quality. On the “Best” pizza side, the pepperoni was powerful and spicy for JT, savory for RJ. The pepperoni dominated over the sausage, Canadian bacon, and other plentiful toppings. The usually yummy sauce was  surprisingly sparse on this assemblage.  The thin hand tossed crust was simply unremarkable and even soggy at points towards the center.

On the Hawaiian portion, the pineapple was fine, but the Canadian bacon was dull and RJ found it sometimes a fatty bit of swine.

As with all Sam & Louie’s locations, the decor is Americana within faux brick walls. A generally cozy and warm atmosphere.

Our waiter was a familiar face at this location and offered up friendly, speedy service. Alas, it was clear our noble serf was overworked and understaffed. He appeared to be waiter, busboy and cashier for the entire restaurant, but still managed to pull off decent service on a fairly tumultuous evening. The only thing lacking was quick cleanup as soiled tables lingered and floor crumbs were a standard.

The Omaha Pizza Kings don’t usually take to pre-blog references, but overall we’ve had better experiences with this pizzeria and were surprised at this foible in quality on our visit. King JT suggests we come back again and give them another chance, perhaps to order one of his favorites, the “Manhattan”.

Be sure to keep an eye open. Sam & Louie’s does a lot of coupon marketing, and if you don’t have a coupon, you might feel as if you’ve paid too much.

Final Score:  3.25