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Address: 7880 L Street

Phone: 402-339-5050

Website: None

Date/Time: 9-14-’12 / 6:45 p.m.

Traffic: Busy

What royal having grown up in Omaha can’t recall a visit to Johnny Sortino’s? They’ve been around for over forty years! King JT remembers many visits to other Sortino locations as a young prince, including the visit where he and other little princesses and princes spilled about seven sodas (Royal Crown Cola perhaps?) on their pizza. Those locations are now long gone leaving only this L Street location.

After great deliberation, The Omaha Pizza Kings headed off to taste and conquer a Sortino’s pie. With our usual, stately nobility, we placed our order at the counter. We ordered one Johnny’s Surprise, and one half pepperoni, half hamburger pizza. This place is cavernous! Everything is self-serve. Actually, it is a pretty efficient operation, and can feed many people. Our number was called after fifteen minutes.Image

Both pizzas arrived piping hot. The Kings found the sauce plentiful and tasty. Kings JT and RJ liked the combo pizza best. It was flavorful but RJ didn’t think any of the veggies were fresh. JT only noticed the canned mushrooms. All toppings on both pies were plentiful. King JT thought the pepperoni was tasty and tangy; as usual he found the hamburger a royal snooze. King RJ even thought the pepperoni was bland! RJ felt the crust “dull”, but JT enjoyed the spongy, eighth inch crust.

Now we get down to the nitty-gritty of pizza pie rating. For some reason, both kings had a hard time rating these pizzas. When all the dust settled, Johnny Sortino’s was endowed with 3.25 crowns. Perhaps King JT can explain, “it’s not the best pizza, but for some reason, the leftovers had me in the fridge later that night, and it was all gone by the next day”!

Sortino’s is a great family place; it is well suited to large groups and serves a lot more than pizza. It has a full, but separate bar. King JT likes the atmosphere, perhaps nostalgia. King RJ always complains it doesn’t have any windows…typical monarch, wants to see an attack coming! Last of all, you’ve got to love that sign!