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1501 Saddle Creek Rd

7:10 PM

The Omaha Pizza Kings hold our friends in the military in best esteem, still we needed to remain objective on our approach to Sgt. Pfeffer’s original location on Saddle Creek Rd. After all, we’ve had many wonderful visits with the legendary Sgt. previously, enjoying his Italian sampler and other delights.

On this visit, we walked in to a restaurant plenteous with patrons and scanned for suitable seating as we placed our order at the counter. Luckily, a table opened just before we were finished placing our preferences at 7:10.

The menu presents a dynamic selection of pies including unique concoctions such as the “Fab Four” or the “Gourmet Veg”, but  our selection this visit was the Sgt.’s Combination and something different for the Kings, the Five Cheese White.

The pies arrived hot in a remarkable 10 minutes, and we wasted no time diving in. The Combination seemed a standard fare, with pepperoni, beef, mushrooms, olives, onions and a cheese combination of Romano and Mozzarella. While enjoyable,  King JT found the distinction of flavors elusive, and RJ felt the sauce was distributed far too sparingly.

On the other hand, both kings found the Five Cheese White to be an engaging wonder. The creamy alfredo sauce seemed to command the flavors out of the provolone, parmasean, cheddar, mozzarella and Romano and bring them to sharp and tart balance that satisfied majestically. This was an eye-opener for King RJ, who usually shuns the cheese-only varieties.

Both pies were a tad greasy (but not to offend) and the crusts were thin, light and suitable.

The decor at Sgt. Pfeffers plays off the Beatles namesake, Sgt. Pepper, with photos, posters, and all sorts of Beatle regalia abounding. This unique, cozy atmosphere, and the lack of liquor on the menu left us with a neon-free ambiance that was refreshing.

In the end, with favor to the Five Cheese White, the Omaha Pizza Kings bestow 3.75 Crowns on the good Sergent, with orders to be ready for our return to try the many other selections from their unique menu.