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Address: The Shops of Legacy, southwest corner of 168th & West Center

Website: http://www.dantepizzeria.com

Phone: 402-932-3078

When: Saturday, 10/6/2012, 1:00 P.M.

Traffic: Moderate

Many among the King’s throng have sung the praises of Dante to both King RJ and King JT. “When are you going to visit Dante”, they would ask sheepishly? The Kings always wanting to please their subjects, decided to head to the land of fire, hoping not to be burned.

We were seated promptly at our table, but had to wait for one cheap menu to be printed and shared by the two royals. It was ten minutes before we placed our order, and a mere ten minutes for our two pizzas to arrive at our table.

These pizzas are advertised as “Neapolitan” style and Dante claims the title of one of only 37 Vera pizza establishments in the United States. The Kings might also describe the Dante pie as a “gourmet” product. These pizzas are all already designed for the diner. You don’t go to Dante and order a pepperoni pizza. Pepperoni isn’t even an available ingredient! That’s a bit of a crown-blower, but there’s still plenty to delight. After a little chin scratching, RJ and JT picked a pizza called the Giuseppe (papa’s sausage, cipollini, roasted pepper and mozzarella); the second pizza was the Monterosso (potato, garlic, crisp prosciutto, rosemary and mozzarella). According to the Vera association, Neapolitan pizzas must be cooked in a wood burning oven of about 900 degrees! All Dante pizzas are cooked in their wood oven.

Now we’ll disclose The King’s opines on their meal. The monarchs almost acted as one when discussing the pies and giving their final crown rating. Both RJ and JT felt the Giuseppe was the better offering. However, both pizzas had unique, distinct, fresh and flavorful ingredients. We were disappointed with the abundance of some ingredients as well as the uneven distribution. The sausage was tasty but mild. We were also a bit disappointed with the prosciutto. Crisping it seems to zap it of flavor, but we latter realized, that the menu did say “crispy”. It must be a bit of hell to cook a pizza in a wood burning oven; we noticed the crust varied from soggy to charred. Some like that charred flavor, but it can be over powering.

Sound the bugles! The Kings bestow upon Dante 4 Crowns! We’d certainly go back, but it doesn’t elicit royal cravings.

Here’s a few notes. Dante’s is a nice Italian restaurant as well as a pizzeria. It is clean with nice decor. Omaha.com gave top honors to Dante’s spaghetti! It wasn’t until the bill came that The Omaha Pizza Kings were aware that Dante had a special that day (football Saturdays); all pizzas on the menu were a very reasonable $10 each. We wished they’d mentioned that up front.

PS: The Royals Helpful Hint: DO NOT YELL “pizza fire” in a pizzeria with a 900 degree wood  burning oven!