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Address: 6056 Maple

Website: www.pizzashoppe.com

Phone: (402) 556-9090

When: Thursday, 10/25/2012, 7:00 P.M.

Traffic: Moderate

“To the Land of Benson” King RJ cried, and off we galloped to The Pizza Shoppe, making our first sojourn to a regional pizza chain*.

We found the menu to be bursting with options of “Kansas City Style” pizza, many of them very unique. We settled on their popular “Round Table”and took a chance on a concoction called the Cabana.

The original Round Table is a fairly standard combo including hamburger, pork sausage, Canadian bacon, pepperoni, along with mushrooms, black olives and onions all laced together with mozzarella. The meats held their distinct flavors and the vegetables were fresh.  Consistency on this pie was sometimes uneven (the olives in particular were heavy on some slices, sparse on others). But the sauce, while light in volume, was a savory affair.  The kings both agreed that in all, the Round Table is worthy of a return trip.

The Cabana was a surprise. We took a chance due to it’s peculiar ingredients like the Alfredo with mustard base and the diced pickles. Rounding out the ingredients were pepperoni, Canadian bacon and pepperjack cheese. The result was a surprising and unique taste sensation the Kings had never experienced before, making us all the more curious what the other menu offerings may behold.

Both servings yielded a crispy, dry and supportive crust along with plentiful and flavorful toppings.

Admittedly, we Kings were pleased with the royal references (i.e., “Round Table, sizes King, Queen and Prince), but yea, this did not alter our opines.

The Pizza Shoppe (or “shopp-ay” as King JT’s daughter thought it pronounced) has an atmosphere of great character and a side annex where live minstrels occasionally perform. Arrival of our order was slower than expected (about 20 minutes), but tolerable, considering the otherwise attentive and friendly service.

The Omaha Pizza Kings award this pizza 4 crowns, for flavor and unique offerings.

(*while the kings still disdain national pizza chains, we are opening our possible exploits to regional chains.)