Address: Southwest Corner of 168th and Harrison Streets


Phone: 402-884-7566

When: Saturday, 11-30-’12, 7:30 P.M.

Traffic: Heavy, Post-Husker game

This quest for pizza took us to a little hamlet known as Pudgy’s. First discovered by King JT about seven years ago in the previous location. It wasn’t long before he shared his discovery with King RJ as well as royal followers. Today Pudgy’s is a fairly regular visit on the King’s route.

In order to get some variety from the offerings we again ordered two vastly different pizzas. The first was a pie called the “Austrian Delight” with an Alfredo sauce topped with beef, Italian Sausage, and smoked Canadian bacon. The second choice was a “Genuine Chicago deep dish” pizza. We added beef and pepperoni as our two toppings. The Pudgy’s menu decrees, “a slice of Chicago.”

The Austrian was the preferred pie by both kings. It arrived after about thirty minutes piping hot. The crust is a lovely soft, light and bubbly.  You know where The Kings are headed when they admit ordering this pie was driven by “royal cravings”. “An amazing flavor extravaganza” per King RJ. No flavor owns this pie, but they meld together in one, beautiful, flavor blast. Perhaps the Alfredo and smokey Canadian bacon are the stars on this pizza.

Chicago Deep Dish

King RJ has eaten true Chicago style pizza in the windy city; King JT has not. So, with a wave of his scepter, King JT allows King RJ most of the deep dish critique. First off, the sauce-on-top did highlight the pizza’s strength, with a strong tomato flavor that it will overpower some toppings. King JT recommend that you choose your toppings accordingly. RJ decrees, “this is a good Chicago style pizza; the crust is thick and flaky at the edge with a strong base…solid!”

King RJ felt that both pies would keep one returning for more. Both royals felt the Austrian was tastier and would rate the Austrian with 4.5 crowns and the Deep Dish at 4.0 crowns. Together, we bestow upon Pudgy’s 4.25 crowns!

You should note that Pudgy’s is only open for dinner. The decor isn’t anything special but is in keeping with the city of Chicago and Chicago sports teams and themes (they even have Old Style in cans!). There aren’t a lot of tables for dining in, so peak times can be tight. Regulars can collect ten Pudgy’s magnetic pizza slices for $15 off an order.

Other offerings include a gluten free crust that some claim is one of the best in Omaha. Mrs. Pudgy came by our table and told us about a new menu item, the Amy’s Combo. It sounds tempting: alfredo sauce, chicken, mushrooms, and wild rice! Years ago, Mr. Pudgy sold Chicago Style hotdogs in Chicago. They are still offered here.

The owners of Pudgy’s are wonderful ambassadors for their business. Even when they’re busy, they’ll come by and visit with customer’s with some friendly chat. It is especially fun to watch Mr. Pudgy with kids. The Kings wish them well and will return often!