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Address: 3510 N 167th CR. (NEW Location, updated 4-22-13)

Website: www.thepizzaplaceomaha.com

Phone: (402) 289-2929

When: Saturday, 11-17-’12,  Noon

Traffic: Light but with steady take-outs coming and going.

The Kings inquired, “Who is this ‘Red’ they speak of” and discovered Red to be a royal figure of Minneapolis where his legend reigns over 7 establishments. The owner of the Omaha location (formerly “The Pizza Place” loved it so much he talked Red into letting him lauch a satellite here in our land, and the Kings say “Hassah!”

We chose from their decent selection of specialty pizzas. The pies arrived piping hot – always a plus. Our first pick was the Savoy House Special. While the toppings (Savoy’s Original Sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, onions, green peppers, black olives) were plentiful and well-distributed, the quality of toppings varied from their excellent thick sliced pepperoni to the ‘meh’ canned mushrooms. But the excellent sausage and sauce helped pull this pie together to deliver yummy results. Our second choice was the Chicken/Bacon/Ranch which was a tad different. The flavor was unique but left our tongues feeling over-salted. Both pies retained a slight greasiness towards the middle. Both Kings agree – the Savoy House Special was the surely the better. King RJ tips his crown to Red’s wonderful sauce, understanding clearly why they proudly claim it as their own original. Averaging the two pizzas, The Kings grant 3.25 crowns to these acceptable concoctions.

The casual and clean decor states quite clearly that the owners are UNO Maverick fans. They also do a good job of promoting their frequent buyer card boasting hundreds of redeemed cards affixed to the walls.

The owner took time to visit and was a kindly gentleman who told us the story Of Red’s Savoy Pizza and seemed genuinely concerned with our satisfaction. Well, we will return. The Kings see this Minnesota import as an acceptable addition to the Omaha pizza venue menu!