Address:  1004 South 74th Plaza (74th & Pacific ST)

Phone:402-932-6660    Website:  http://www.LHpizza.com

Date/Time Of Visit:  Friday 12/7/12 5:30p    Traffic:  Light


3. crowns

The Kings can recall a night at a royal event this past summer. As so frequently happens at social events of royals and high society, the conversation soon turned to where to go for the best pizza. Two among the gathered spoke forth with the praises of Lighthouse Pizza. The Kings remained silent, for they had trod only once on an unofficial visit to Lighthouse. The disappointment on their first visit, made a second visit difficult.

King RJ and King JT did head out once again because the Lighthouse beckoned. They cleared their royal heads of preconceived notions, in order to give a quality, official, Omaha Pizza King review.

Lighthouse aims to serve fast, and there seems to be an emphasis on pizza by the slice. They are rare with their late weekend hours and pizza drive through. One thing that RJ and JT did differently this time, was order a whole pizza rather than the slices we did our first visit. Our pizza took about 25 minutes compared to the by-the-slice times of about 5 minutes. The King’s hypothesized that different ovens might even be used for the slice orders verses the whole pizza orders.

Lighthouse allows up to five toppings for one price. The Kings chose: pepperoni, sausage, onion, black olives, and mushrooms. The other half was their buffalo chicken specialty pizza. This side was: roasted chicken, bacon, buffalo sauce, blue cheese crumbles, and “dressing”. We chose the traditional crust verses the honey wheat crust option.Image

The pizza arrived hot; the Kings donned their “tasting crowns” and went to work. We both noticed a sweetness in the 5 topping side. We weren’t sure where it came from, but wondered if we had inadvertently received the honey wheat crust. The crust was very thin in the center; unfortunately, the crust was also soggy into the pie’s center. There was a nice soft, fat edge. King JT found himself dipping that in what may have been the “dressing” mentioned for the buffalo chicken pizza.

Toppings all seemed to be fresh. Sauce seemed scant on the five-topper side. The Kings thought other toppings seemed a little sparse, perhaps more so with the meat toppings. The pepperoni was bland; the sausage was tasty. Sauce on the buffalo chicken was spicy as expected, but it was distributed unevenly making some pieces spicy and others mild. Not being able to stand “the heat”, King RJ passed his scepter to King JT for the buffalo chicken review.

Unlike our first unofficial visit, this time Lighthouse fared a little better with some pluses and minuses. King JT felt the buffalo chicken pizza was the better tasting. On it’s own, JT would rate it around 3.25 crowns, maybe even a 3.5. The five topper held back the overall score; Both RJ and JT would have to put it a little below average…2.75 crowns on its own. Overall The Kings bestow upon Lighthouse Pizza 3.0 crowns. Dimming the Lighthouse beacon: soggy crust, sparse toppings, dull pepperoni, and some uneven distribution of toppings (sauce on the buffalo chicken).

Now just a few notes that as always, don’t affect the number of crowns bestowed. King RJ noted a few dirty tables, and that one in the center of the dining room was covered in what looked like the restaurant’s paperwork. On the plus side, this place is much more interesting than the “how many stupid beer signs can I collect from my distributor” decor of so many other places. There were nice black and white photos of notable areas in Omaha. In each photo, a different lighthouse was digitally edited into the image. Finally, kudos to drive-through pizza and late weekend hours!