The Omaha Pizza Kings have been on extended leave for the holidays. That’s right- this is our favorite week of the year – National Pizza Week! Since the great minds of government decreed it so back in 1987. We thought this would be a good moment to reconfirm our dedication to you, our dear readers, and to our continuing quest for the ultimate pizza.

In 2012 we had pizzas that disappointed and pies that amazed. In 2013 we hope to point you in the direction of grand nourishment and alternately protect thee from foul amalgamations. With over 65,000 pizzerias in the country, the Omaha Pizza Kings are sure not to run short of venues and look forward to presenting you with our esteemed opines for years to come.

Of course, we welcome your opinions as well! If you have suggestions for the Kings, locations you wish for us to visit, or – goodness forbid – disagree with our presentation in some way, please let us know in the royal comments section below and our valets will fetch them for us.

We will continue reviews again this weekend, but until then, Happy New Year to all and to all a good Pizza!