3.5 crowns



1101 N Broadway Council Bluffs, IA

7:30 P.M. Saturday 1-19-2013

Certainly, the word had gotten out to the masses that The Kings would be dining at Pizza King as they were jammed with people hoping to get a glimpse of The Kings and their royal wives. Since they were holding court at Pizza King, The Omaha Pizza King’s attire was especially resplendent this night.

Wisely, we had called ahead…our table was waiting! We perused the menu and uncharacteristically ordered two specialty pizzas. The first was the King Special: sausage, onion, and green pepper. The second pie was the House Special: beef, sausage, ham, pepperoni, onion, green olive (we substituted black olives), and mushrooms. In retrospect King JT wished we had done the second pizza in the usual manner, one topper…alas.

Our pizzas arrived piping hot! Still completely sober, the royals began to feast and ascertain. The Kings preferred the House Special. Its flavor was just a little more robust. One topping foible here, the mushrooms were not fresh. The sausage was tasty, but King JT thought it was sparse on both pies…a clump here, a clump there. RJ noticed tasty pepperoni while King JT barely noticed its presence. A big downer was the crust. Until this evening, King JT never left the edges of a slice on the plate, but he did on this visit, as did every royal diner. The crust was dry with not much flavor, and even burned in places. On the flip side, this thin crust wasn’t at all soggy or greasy, and did support the toppings.

The Kings say…3.5 crowns. Yes dear followers, just a bit above average.

This place is large and has many loyal followers. The menu is way more extensive than the Pizza King name would imply. It is decorated in a 1970’s steakhouse manner. Service was good and spirited, especially in consideration of the crowd.