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3.75 crownshttp://www.mangiaitaliana.com/
402 614-0600
6516 Irvington Road
Friday, Feb. 1, 7pm

Eat Italian, Everybody else does!“. With a theme like that and a history of award winning pizza, how could the Kings resist? We had to assay Mangia Italiana’s delights.

Upon our approach we were immediately struggling to find the one spot left in their limited parking lot. Inside, Mangia Italiana has a cozy, tasteful, but small dining area (though there is an outdoor patio open in the warmer months). We managed to nab one of the two tables left. Already, we have no doubt of this pizzeria’s popularity. As we pored over their diverse menu, patrons ebbed and flowed for their takeout orders. Mangia-Chef2

We presented our order at the counter –  their combination pizza and a half/half of hamburger and pepperoni. The hamburger snagged our foremost attention as a formidable contender for one of the best hamburger pizza’s we’ve had.  King R found the sauce delightful and the star of the evening. Both Kings decided the crust was decent, well-formed but just a touch greasy. Only one disappointment – a pepperoni that left us wanting for flavor. The parsley sprinkled on top of the cheese was a nice touch.

The service was kindly and efficient with our pizzas arriving in a steamy state after only about 15 minutes. Overall this is a very decent pie – and our score of 3.75 crowns cuts this pie well above average.

The Omaha Pizza Kings look forward to our return to Mangia Italiana so we may assess other interesting items on the menu, such as the Primo Garlic, Shrimp Special, or Garden Chicken Pesto. They also have pasta entrees, sandwiches, and a surprisingly diverse selection of wines to imbibe.

Bravo to Mangia Italiana! We shall return.