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zios main signThree Locations: Old Market, 78th & Dodge (Reviewed), 129th & W. Center
Website: http://ziospizzeria.com
Visit: Friday 2-15-2013
Traffic: Heavy

Taxi! Take the Omaha Pizza Kings to Zio’s Pizza in Omaha, Nebraska!
Get it? A parody of the Zio’s television ad. No, the kings didn’t arrive by cab from New York City. They drove to the 1st (1985) Zio’s location. The place was full in spite of the snow.

We ordered a pizza composed of two specialty combinations. It was half New York Deluxe (pepperoni, onions, mushrooms, green peppers, and a choice of hamburger or sausage-our choice) and half Hawaii Five-O. The Hawaii side had Canadian bacon, ham, pineapple, and Romano cheese. Zio’s advertises “authentic New York style” pizza. They have racked up 25 “best pizza” awards in their 25 plus year history. What would the Omaha Pizza Kings think?

Our pizza arrived in a timely manner nice and hot. Both Kings thought the sauce was tasty; King JT noticed it more – and really enjoyed it on – the Hawaiian with its smokey ham and bacon, and the nicely diced pineapple, all coming through very nicely. The New York Deluxe was not as tasty. King RJ liked the meats on it, but his highness JT thought it was too strong and not a nice sausage flavor. The green peppers were too heavy. The pepperoni was lacking. RJ found the crust a mixed bag. The center was soggy; JT thought the edge was too heavy or thick.

We had filled our bellies and began to discuss. RJ said, “I wouldn’t give either pizza more than 3.5 crowns. JT thought the Hawaii Five-O could rate 4.25 crowns but agreed with the New York Deluxe. We settled to bestow upon Zio’s 3.75 Crowns. Not bad, but both felt Zio’s might have fared a little better.

There are a lot of different combos to try and many other menu items such as calzones. The decor was clean and this location had some interesting things adorning their walls. Check Zio’s out for yourself!

3.75 crowns

3.75 Crowns !