Location: 520 East Broadway, Council Bluffs, IA (another location at 610 Veterans Memorial Hwy)
Website: http://www.pizza-counter.com
3. crowns
 Visit: Friday – 7:00 pm
 Traffic: Light.

Upon arrival we were acknowledged by “Beauty” a lovely lass with a Japanese tattoo of some sort upon her hand. She said she didn’t know what it meant; she just tells everyone it means ‘beauty’. But I digress…piozza counter

King JT and I took our seats at one of the commoner’s dining tables. The room was small and cozy with decorations from the 60s, 70s, 80s. There was some original art for sale that looked like it had been hanging there since one of those decades. One rendering in particular, a weird acid trip sunset I found kind of…haunting. Again, I digress…

We asked Beauty to conjure up one combo and a half pepperoni / half Italian sausage pie. She was back to us with a smile and our steaming pies within 20 minutes time.

The crust was nice and about a quarter of an inch thick. It was solid and just dry enough to give it the right chew/crunch combination. However, the crust’s flavor was a tad unremarkable. Our pizzas were well covered with a sauce that tantalized nicely. It did so with an original note. Both pizzas were well populated with their respective ingredients. Beauty seemed honestly concerned for our satisfaction. Everything was going so well.pizza counter

Alas, it is with the toppings that our story turns. The happier tidings were within the sausage pizza. I thought; with the right balance of sausage and sauce, it had the potential to ‘wow’ the Kings. There were indeed some flavorful bites there.  However, both King JT and I found the pepperoni weak. While the combo was mildly flavorful, nothing really popped or caught our attention. I found that painting on the wall more enchanting.

In the end, we decree the Pizza Counter be bestowed with three crowns.! A decent enough pizza, but other than the promise of the sauce and the sausage, not much for flavor.

This old castle has good character, friendly help, fun photographs and it was very clean. Also, some of the best straight forward service we’ve seen in some time.