Date: Friday 4-5-’13 7:30 P.M.
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Address: 1302 Mike Fahey Street (directly west of Ameritrade Stadium)
Phone: 402-502-2151

The pizzas (or “rounds” as they are called here): Little Italy-red sauce, prosciutto ham, sausage, meatballs, salami, pepperoni, Mancini peppers, mozzarella cheese. The Islands-red sauce, prosciutto ham, pineapple, capicolla, cream cheese, cilantro.

King RJ and King JT got into a bit of a royal joust when it came to discussing and crowning Goodnight’s Pizza. Therefore they have agreed to disagree and are bestowing crowns separately. Let’s start with those scores!

4. crowns

King RJ’s Rating

King JT's Rating

King JT’s Rating

Now for some explanation of those scores and the king’s discord. The Kings had visited this pizzeria a few times before. King JT had looked forward to this visit, but found it a little lacking when all the pepperoni had settled. He enjoyed the very thin crisp crust as did King RJ. This crust was nice and dry…no grease here.
King JT thought that the sauce was spread a bit thin. Both Kings liked the Little Italy over The Islands. We felt the Little Italy was quite flavorful with special kudos to the sausage though it was dominated by a flavor that he would only describe as “spicy”. King JT sez, “sometimes people equate hot and spicy as flavorful,which it is not, hence a lesser rating.  Lastly, The Islands was dull. It was lacking even in pineapple. Cream cheese can be nice texturally, and it can help carry flavors that are already present, but doesn’t add much on its own. The Kings have experienced other far better Hawaiians.

Both Kings like Goodnight’s atmosphere. This place could be a lot of fun with some good downtown events and some seventy degree weather. The decor is tasteful and the walls can open up to the outside like giant garage doors. One final disagreement between the Kings was the menu. King JT didn’t like it that prices were listed only for the Goodnights’ concoctions. Available toppings weren’t listed and there weren’t any prices for “build your own” one, two, etc topped pies. King RJ thought the menu was fine as is.

From the Kings…Goodnight…s!