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“This week, we two kings bow to what was almost a 5 crown pizza, if not for one minor detail”…An introductory quote from the first Finicky Frank’s review of 8-11-12

Review II Visit: Friday 5-10-13

Location: 9520 Calhoun Road

Website: www.finickyfranks.com

The Pizza Kings returned this week to check on their top crown holder Finicky Franks. In the first review, The Kings bestowed their highest rating ever of 4.75 crowns. As stated on the website before, some crown winners may flounder on subsequent reviews, and it is hoped that formerly low scorers might soar so that the Omaha Kingdom is resplendent with even more delish pizzas!

Unfortunately in the case of Finicky Franks, there has been a fall in score due to changes in Finicky Franks’ pizzas and the resulting loss of “royal cravings”. Getting right down to business, once again The Kings ordered a combo; it was ham, pepperoni, and hamburger. King RJ and JT ordered the same combo they did at the first review.

As soon as the pizza arrived, Kings RJ and JT knew there had been some changes in Frank’s pizzas. The Kings in fact had returned for a second review due to some grumblings among The Royal’s flock. Most notable, the crust was very thin now. At first review King JT was quoted as saying, “It looked almost like a piece of lasagna sitting on my plate”. King RJ was most distressed over the changes. He felt the crust way to thin to support the toppings, “almost cracker like” and that it was very soggy. King JT was also disappointed but not so profoundly. He didn’t like this crust compared to the previous. It may be semantics, but JT thought it a bit greasy, not soggy. This JT believes can just be one of the negative consequences of such delicious ham and pepperoni.

What worked for both Kings? The sauce was still wonderful! Both kings thought the ham and pepperoni very tasty. The hamburger was…well…hamburger. The cheese on top was a bit strange in texture. There was some debate as to whether it was Mozzarella. The pie still had some Parmigiano Reggiano to add flavor.

So, what is the final outcome? There was some debate within the scoring process. Perhaps opinions were a bit heated and diverse due to how Royals deal with the disappointment of an “old friend”. Feeling betrayed perhaps, King RJ decried, “3.5 crowns”. Still having tasted some very good flavors and at the same time disappointed in the crust, King JT proclaimed “4 crowns”. Final Finicky Frank’s score is 3.75 Crowns. That’s a drop of one full crown! Sadly, the royal cravings are gone.

3.75 crowns3.75 Crowns    Finicky Franks – a fallen friend of the Pizza Kings! The Kings challenge them to re-claim their Knighthood!