Address: 12040 McDermott Plaza – LaVista
Phone: 402-933-7499
Visit: Approx 6:30 pm – traffic – medium

3.5 crowns

The Omaha Pizza Kings came to Pizza West expecting a simple re-hash of the space formerly governed by Pizza Gourmet. But we were surprised to find a newly remodelled and unique decor. But first – let’s talk pizza….

The Kings ordered up their combo Omnivore” and a Special Pepperoni.

pizza west

The Omnivore was pretty tasty. Is that seasoned hamburger? Rare and delightful. Toppings were all fresh, nicely diced and well proportioned. This was rounded out nicely by a spicy sauce. A decent pie overall.

Special Pepperoni: That’s how it was proclaimed on the menu, and it was listed with the specialty/combo pizzas. That’s what enticed King J into wanting to try it; that also plays into rating it lower. This mediocre pie was far too greasy…which can be okay if the pepperoni is exceptional, but it wasn’t. In fact the grease from the pepperoni made its way under the combo on the half/half pie.Crust: Thin, soft, and flavorful but it did get too greasy and limp from that blasted pepperoni.
Pizza West has a fun atmosphere, good beer selection, and the service was friendly, fast and exceptional. We’re not initially thrilled with the pizza overall, but with their strong combo, but weak pepperoni, the Kings settle on bestowing 3.5 crowns on this establishment.
So say the Pizza Kings!