Visit: Friday June 7th, 2013 7:30 P.M. 4.25 crowns

Address: 2740 South Street, Lincoln NE

Phone: 402-474-3355


Traffic: Medium to Heavy

This night The Kings ventured out into the pizza territory farther than ever before. They had to meet with their accountant in Lincoln, and decided to kill two birds with one saber by tasting some pie at Piezano’s Pizza. Of course, the queens were along, since the trip wasn’t just about pizza, but also regarding the royal’s financial affairs.

Two pies were definitely going to be needed this night, so King JT and King RJ dictated that the first pizza be a “Meat Combo” (a bit of a misnomer as this combo includes beef, pepperoni, green pepper, mushroom, onion, and Canadian bacon). The second pie was to be adorned with sausage on one side, and pepperoni on the second side.

The pizzas arrived in a timely manner, and all dug in for the “Piezano’s experience”. The table was silent as is customary during the “discernment period”. After The Kings had tasted some of each pie, and had filled their bellies, tongues were free to talk pizza and the bestowing of crowns.

Both Kings found the crust to be tasty, thick, and crusty, never soggy. The sauce was one of the other stars here. It was fresh, thick, and liberally applied. King JT thinks it possible Piezano’s makes it themselves from fresh tomatoes. All other toppings were, fresh with the exception of the mushrooms. None of the toppings were scantily applied. King JT has tasted better pepperoni, but this was tasty and within the “greasiness parameters” for pepperoni. Both Kings thought the sausage was very flavorful.

Let’s get down to the bestowing of crowns. King JT loved the sausage pizza, and if rated alone, he would give it 4.5 crowns. RJ’s favorite was the Meat Combo; “it brought all the flavors together for a well-balanced pizza”. King JT really liked the combo too, but it wasn’t as tasty as that single topped sausage pie. When averaged together The Kings granted Piezano’s Pizza 4.25 crowns!

More about Piezano’s. The parking lot is tiny, the royal chariot had to be parked at an adjacent business. The interior is decent sized and has decent decor. Fans of Piezano’s could make getting a table difficult at peak hours. Tempting pies for future visits: Potato Pizza (potato slices, onion, cream cheese, bacon, and ham). Can you say, “high in calories”? Another interesting pizza combo: Pizza Primo (every single topping offered is on this) about $36 for the large at this writing.

Piezano’s definitely stirs the royal cravings in The Kings. Give Piezano’s a try and see if you don’t leave with your own cravings.

The Pizza Kings…Paisanos to Piezano’s Pizza!