Ragazzi’s West / 156th Street and West Maple Road / 402-359-1682
Visited Friday, Nov. 15 2013, approx 6pm – Traffic moderate.

Upon the opening of a new Ragazzi’s, we Kings were at guard to return. You see, our visit to the original Ralston locale resulted in our lowest score to date. But as kings do, we objectively journeyed to the new site in hopes of enhanced fare.

The new Raggazi’s is located in the same spot where Pizza Gourmet was (which we’ll miss). Upon entry we found the service to be immediately above par as we were joyfully greeted and encouraged to choose our thrones. The atmosphere was clean and fresh with warm colors and a comfortable family oriented ambiance.

From the menu, we selected an “Abbodonza” – essentially a basic combo of pepperoni, Italian sausage, green pepper, black olive, red onion and mushroom.
Alas, reminiscence of the Ralston visit came to the fore. The Raggazi’s pizza is a bit of a riddle. Bravo for using fresh ingredients, tasty meats and keeping the crust thin but substantial. However, the flavors don’t pull together into anything special. The pepperoni is quite greasy (to the point of pools in the concave meat discs) and the Kings realized the crust is highly unusual – almost as if partially uncooked (though it wasn’t) there is still a doughy/lardy consistency that we believe contributes to the “gut bomb” feeling henceforth.

Overall, this visit to the new Raggazi’s did help improve on their score. The service and atmosphere were wonderful. But the minor improvements to the pizza will only move the Kings to bestow an extra half-crown. Ciao Raggazi’s! Your pie is adequate for a quick family fix, but the Kings taste buds are at labor to find reason for revisitation.

Pepperoni, Italian sausage, green pepper, black olive, red onion and mushroom. – See more at: http://www.ragazzi-pizza.com/Menu/Specialty-Pizzas#sthash.uWtgY7bQ.dpuf
  • 402-359-1682
  • 402-359-1682