joe bJoe Banana’s

Friday, 11-22-2013

1022 South 10th Street

Omaha, NE 68132


King RJ and I ventured out with the intention of hitting another pizza place on this November Friday. Our plans changed when we saw the jammed parking lot of our intended destination. That pizzeria for now shall remain nameless until we attempt a return visit.

So we put our royal heads together and came up with Banana Joe’s in Little Italy. Banana Joe’s is a restaurant on one side of a wall, and a bar on the other side. You can get food in the bar as well as the restaurant. We were maybe one of two customers this eve in the restaurant side.

Joe's ComboKing RJ and I scanned the menu and decided to have Joe’s one and only combo. Our waitress described it as “all of our ingredients except jalapenos”. We later realized just how many toppings that was! Let me try to recall all the toppings: beef, sausage, pepperoni, ham, bacon, onion, black olives, and green pepper. We ordered some garlic cheese bread and marinara to hold us until the pizza came.

To be honest, our food took a long time to come. They were having oven problems. When we first dipped our cheese bread into the marinara, we started to hope that, that sauce would also be on our pizza. It was delicious!

Finally, our pizza arrived. The ingredients were fresh, tasty, and plentiful. The same sauce we had with our bread earlier, was also on this pizza! RJ described the sauce as “brilliant” and I must agree. Thankfully, they did not skimp on the sauce as so many places do. This pie had some heft to it! The crust was very thin and tasty, but here is also where we run into some problems. The crust was greasy toward the center. We would do one thing different next time we eat at Joe’s. We decided that their signature combo actually has too much on it, especially too many meats. Next time we would just order our pizza by the ingredient. We feel that would give us a better pizza. King RJ and I agree and bestow Joe Banana’s with 3.75 crowns! The Kings say, “Eat at Joes”!

Finally, Banana Joes is a charming place. The staff were all very friendly, and the decor was fun and interesting. Ciao!

3.75 crowns