2013-12-29 06_54_24-Mamas Pizza - HomeMama’s Pizza (this review)
15615 Pacific Street Omaha, NE 68130
(402) 933-5090

    Also: 715 N Saddle Creek Road (original location)   &  8146 S 96th Street

The Kings finally secured a table at Mama’s Pizza after 2 previous weekend attempts to penetrate their fully occupied shops (both the east and west) left us wanting for vacancy. This roused our curiosity as to what victuals they might have to cause such attraction! Or was it their trademark “wall carpet” that lured the masses? We successfully dodged the throngs by procuring thrones on a week night instead of our usual weekend outing.

We snapped for ales and 2 pies – a combination, and a half/half pepperoni/sausage.

On all our royal chompings, we kings enjoyed the thickness and chew of the crust. We give a worthy pass to the sauce, being both spicy and flavorful. Topping portions were satisfactory. The combo was very hefty (certainly enough to fill any king’s belly) though the hamburger left us wanting for more flavor. As well, the sausage was clearly inconsistent in flavor and spice, and our buds of good taste were sullied by the common misfortune of processed mushrooms.

Greasy-ness was kept in check (even on the pepperoni) which we think may be due to the unique platters the pies travel upon that elevate the pizza from the bottom of the plate – allowing any drippage to separate from the pie. Curious-good!

In the end, King JT took merry favor with the pepperoni, finding it flavorful and of upstanding texture. His highness RJ found the combo to be a robust affair, pleased with its multitude and generosity of toppings.

Mama’s atmosphere is classic family fair; heavy on the Huskers and informality. A very comfortable venue overall.

Side note: An error with our order gave us a cheese pizza instead of our pep/sausage. You would think these subjects would wave the price difference upon realizing their error. Instead King JT was summoned to the counter to pay the difference in an awkward transaction that left us waiting for our 2nd pizza. Leave the Kings in wait like common serfs?? Poppycock! They’re lucky we only score on the pizza itself!

We Kings deem thee Mama’s Pizza worthy of 3.5 crowns.

3.5 crowns