Visit Date: Sunday, 1-26-2014, Lunch

Phone: 402-296-6666

Address: 2861 Capehart Rd; Bellevue, NE


King RJ and I did a quick survey of the kingdom to find a place we hadn’t reviewed, as well as a place that was open for lunch on Sunday. We Kings had never heard of Mama Alvino’s, but we quickly headed out the door and across the drawbridge to RJ’s coach. Off to the hamlet of Bellevue we went!

King RJ swore he knew how to get to our destination. Only one small error in navigating the royal coach, King RJ had to do a quick 180 as we realized we were headed straight for Offutt’s entrance gate. The loyal guard took quick notice of our emergency maneuver. We joked that we should’ve ducked under the dash, and gunned it just to see what happened.

Finally at  Mama Alvino’s, we were seated by a young lass…we were her only customers until one other couple came in after a spell. Two pies again: one with Canadian bacon and pineapple, the second pie a combo with: sausage, pepperoni, onion, green pepper, and black olives. We enjoyed a yummy appetizer while awaiting the main course.

The cook made an error thinking we only wanted a Canadian bacon pineapple pizza. So we started in on that while awaiting the combo. What was notably tasty? The crust was very nice; it was on the thin side, not at all greasy on either pizza. In fact, it had a tiny, tasty char on the underside. It seemed to have received some high temperatures when cooked. The other positive on these pizzas was a pleasing sauce.

I had overheard the other customer in the restaurant request extra cheese. This to the Pizza Kings was a bit on the shocking side. The trouble with both of our pizzas was, sound the trumpets…too much cheese! This made all of the other toppings difficult to find, and difficult to taste.

So, after some time in the “discernment period”, we Kings bestowed 3.25 Crowns on Mama Alvino’s Pizzaria. We even overheard the surprise in our waitress’s voice when she delivered the “extra cheese” pizza to our fellow diners. King RJ and I think this place could fair better. We suspect that on this off business day (Sunday), we may have been subjected to Alvino’s “B” chef. Perhaps The Kings will try to hit the “A” crew another time. For now…

Mama Alvino’s earns: