Address: 14220 Fort Street

Telephone: 402-763-2375


Date: March 22, 2014. 6:30 P.M. Traffic: Medium


davlop in

Dining Room







Tales were being relayed by The King’s royal subjects, “Your majesties, there’s a new pizza place called Davlo”. After conferring a spell, King RJ and I decided we needed to head out into our vast territory to determine whether there were any delicious pizzas being baked on the premises.  Dressed to dazzle, the kings move on to our order!

The flagship pizzas here are the deep dish. We ordered the “House”: sausage, pepperoni, mushroom, onion, and red pepper. We also wanted to try their thin crust. I pushed for spicy sausage and mushrooms; King RJ agreed, but hesitantly.

Deep Dish!

Deep Dish!


Thin crust, spicy sausage

Thin crust, spicy sausage








The pizzas did take quite awhile to arrive. The deep dish pies are always a bit longer in the oven. The only glitch in our service was a reminder we had to give in regards to a salad we ordered. But the pizzas did finally arrive, and we were up to our elbows in pizza before we could proclaim, “We’re starving”!

No talking! Just eating and pondering pizza! King RJ proclaimed the deep dish “a brilliant pie”. The deep dish was my favorite of the two, and I’m not a huge deep dish kind of King. I felt upon delivery, it was a bit cool in parts. Look at the height of the deep dish’s edge crust in the photo! It is a good 1.5 to 2 inches high! Too much bread? Not when the crust is this flaky and tasty. The toppings: I found myself saying, “this is very pleasant to consume, but you better like crust, sauce, and cheese”. The other toppings seemed to fall away, but the combined flavors, were very nice. The sauce was very fresh and strong with tomatoes. RJ called the sauce “standard deep dish”; I thought the sauce headed off toward “Royal Cravings”.

The thin crust spicy sausage is next. First off, a different sauce. It was thicker, different flavor. Now a little background royal pizza subjects, a while back I had to put the royal ka-bosh on King RJ’s use of the adjective “smokey”. Now, for my fellow king, I lift the moratorium on his use of “smokey”. Anyway, he thought the sauce on the thin crust had a nice, smokey flavor. In spite of his general avoidance of spicy food, King RJ really enjoyed the sausage pizza. On the other hand, I’m the one that really wanted that concoction, and I was disappointed. There was an emphasis on the heat, there wasn’t the tasty Italian sausage flavor I was looking for.

Once we had eaten our fill, we started to talk the bestowing of crowns upon Pizzeria Davlo. We both felt this new establishment would be a good candidate for stirring Royal Cravings. So, with a wave of our scepters…

The King’s bestow 4.25 crowns!

This place is definitely worth checking out especially if you’re a fan of Chicago style deep dish pizza. The thin crust was also a strong performer. Service was good, the decor is decent. Lastly, they have a nice selection of beers as well as wine and hard liquor.

Ciao for now, from The Omaha Pizza Kings!