Address: Aksarben Village
Telephone: 402.933.7511
Date: April 11, 2014. 6:30 P.M. Traffic: Medium/Heavy


Dudley’s “Uncle Dan”

We Kings rambled in quest for zesty pizza to Aksarben Village to investigate the new-ish Dudleys Pizza and Tavern this week. Aksarben Village has been reveling in a steady crescendo of fashionableness, hence many a lords and misses were afoot along with their whippersnappers.

T’was only a spell before our server arrived and took our order. To preface our regalement, we ordered up brews (from a wonderfully large variety) and tried out the bread sticks which were worthy of our imperial appetites. We were moved to chortle a bit as the appetizer section included chocolate chip cookies. Like all menu items, they even had a suggested brew to pair with the cookies.

For the main event this evening, we opted for their “Uncle Dan” variety – a pie beholding the collection of Italian sausage, grilled onion, green peppers and Dudley’s “classic red sauce”. Additionally, we ordered a small pepperoni.

The Uncle Dan’s ingredients were good with crispy veggies and a nice sausage. But we quickly learned why they labelled it “classic red sauce” – it wasn’t deficient, just nothing to scribe to the castle about. Further – there wasn’t much of it – certainly a jest in amount rendering it almost unnoticeable.  The crust, well – we’ll get to the crust henceforth…

The Pepperoni - Almost more crust than pizza!

The Pepperoni – Almost more crust than pizza!

The small pepperoni had good discs upon the pie, but had the same issue with the sauce.

Now – about said crust. Dudley’s provides an unusually abundant crust, especially at the edges where it appears the dough is rolled high. You basically have a voluminous bread stick encircling your pizza. Ah but there’s the rub. The crust was so large t’was o’er wroght and sacrificed real estate for the juicy bits of the pizza. So on the small, the crust made up almost half of the pizza. This ratio seemed to look ok on the large we saw at a neighboring table, but it is overwhelming for the medium and small. But that’s not all for this crusty crust. Along with an excessive coating of corn meal,  t’was also burnt at the peaks, and enough to introduce a pervasive charred flavor.

The atmosphere at Dudley’s is quaint and prime for viewing of subjects from all walks of life. One oddity is the noises coming from the gym on the second floor. There are occasional loud booms coming from above when the weight lifters drop their bar-bells, alas it was only mildly annoying.

In the end, we kings thinketh Dudley’s makes a good pizza, but haven’t tweaked the recipe enough. As a result they let the overzealous crust and lack of sauce get in the way of a more balanced pie. Even so – the overall taste experience was satisfactory, but nothing to take home to the Queen. The Kings shrug up a rating of 3.25 crowns.