Date: Friday May 2nd, 2014 about 7 P.M.

Address: 50th & “L” (this review) / 3909 Twin Creek DR. Bellevue / 1131 N Broadway Council Bluffs

Website: http://

Traffic: Light to Moderate

Lansky's Second Review

Lansky’s Second Review           4.5 Crowns!

King Pepperoni

King Pepperoni

It is difficult work being a royal pizza reviewer. One of the challenges is to continue reviewing all the different places there are. It means sometimes forgoing a stop to an old favorite in order to fulfill our kingly duties to our royal pizza subjects. On this night, King RJ and I decided to return to Lansky’s, one of our highest rated pizzerias. We needed to check to be sure the Royal taste buds could still be driven to “Royal Cravings” territory. We were not disappointed.

Once again, two “signature pizzas,” different ones than our first review. Both are quite simple pizzas, but at the same time, have a certain complexity to them. First, The King Pepperoni, lots of pepperoni and mozzarella. Second, Carmela’s Sicilian: Hamburger, onions, and Romano cheese only.

A short wait and King RJ and I had two pizzas in front of us. “Can’t stop eating”, that is the best way I can describe this dining experience. Both Kings preferred the pepperoni but King RJ more so than I. The sauce was very tasty on this pizza, and the pepperoni itself was tangy good! The crust on both pizzas was very good but got a tad greasy toward the center of the pepperoni pizza. Remember, if it is really good pepperoni, it gets a “pass” on a little grease. The Carmela’s is a very different pizza that not everyone is going to like. That is probably due to the pungent Romano. This pizza is a little bit on the drier side; we speculate that the cheese is probably responsible for soaking up some of that moisture. It is still a very tasty pizza that had me grabbing for another slice even after saying, “I’m stuffed”.

Carmela's Sicilian

Carmela’s Sicilian

Lansky’s is still a high ranking favorite. King RJ and I bestow another 4.5 Crown rating. Keep up the good work Lansky’s! To the owners, if you’ve got the energy, how about moving one location out west. We think you would do well!

Cheers! The Omaha Pizza Kings