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Brick Oven Pizza
624 S 72nd St, Omaha, NE 68114
(402) 393-2270
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Nov. 28th – Visit about 6:30pm

‘Twas quiet upon arrival to this den just beyond the heavily beaten path to the Nebraska Furniture Mart. The Brick Oven has been around over two years, and yet this was our first travail to this modest locale. We shouldn’t have waited so long.

At the counter we were immediately greeted by a gentleman of high charisma and enthusiasm for his product. He spoke of the many ways they could regale us with pizza goodness and didn’t seem to want to stop. We played it safe and ordered a two-part pizza with their Combo to one side and a Hawaiian on the other. brick 2

We two kings dug in and were pleased directly with the toppings, especially on the Combo side. These morsels were chunky, plentiful and all fresh. On the combo side we found the Italian sausage to be some of the best to ever cross our accomplished tongues. The pepperoni was also clearly made by clever butchers. Even the veggies were very good, notably the green pepper. And this is no wonder since the sires here cater to the vegetarian crowd (and based on what we tasted, a veggy pizza would be a welcome venture).   The Hawaiian side also hailed goodness with a delicious, smokey Canadian bacon. The owner has a knack for choosing quality toppings!

We have to rate the crust as simply utilitarian. That is – it did it’s job and stood up to the mild grease without getting too flimsy, but was lacking in flavor. We regret that it wasn’t until after our consumption of the pie we realized these folks had several custom crusts to choose from. So much for playing it safe. We’ll look forward to trying them next time.

The sauce was an issue between the kings. There wasn’t much there, but that is somewhat trumped by the incredible toppings that provided ample flavor.

The Brick Oven clearly goes to extremes to accommodate any taste with an abundant diversity of toppings, crusts, sauces, sizes (by-the-slice available) calzones, vegan options and more. brick

The atmosphere is friendly, clean and comfortable, but slightly ramshackled – as though you went to your friend’s place before he/she had the chance to tidy. They don’t serve alcohol – yet, but the owner sheepishly apologized for this and said he was working on bringing in the ale someday soon.

The Brick Oven Pizzaria certainly has a spirit for pizza (as clearly displayed by the owners several charismatic visits to our table) and they take great pride in their unique product.

Because of this uncommon combination of pizza craftsmanship and a product that leaves us yearning for more, the Omaha Pizza Kings happily bestow a score of 4.25 crowns. We look forward to revisiting to satisfy our royal cravings as well as our curiosity to try the other sauces and crusts. Heartily recommended!

The King's bestow!

The King’s bestow!