Address: 248 Olson Drive, Papillion NE (SE corner of 84th & Hwy 370)

Phone: 402.935.7746


Visit Date: Friday 12-5-2014, 6 p.m.

This was actually the second visit for The Kings to the approximately two month old Spin location. The first time the pemisis was swarmed by royal pizza subjects and the Kings opted to retreat until they could visit and evaluate Spin Pizza’s offerings with less tumult. If you visit their website, you will see that Spin is a small chain with diverse locations.

We did make a better choice for this review date. The place was still busy, but everything moved quite well, and we were supplied a clear table for dining. Ordering is done at the counter like many more casual pizza shops, but this place is a little nicer. It has a good beer and wine selection and the decor is to say the least, beyond beer sign decor. You are given a tab, a number, and then you’re off to choose your seat.

Our drinks arrived soon, and our pizzas were also very quick to come. So far, a pretty good impression. So, what fine pies did the Kings select from the menu? As usual, two that nicely represented the two ways that Spin dresses the crust.

Five Cheese Please!

Five Cheese Please!

The first pizza was a Five Cheese. We got the original crust( whole wheat and gluten free crusts are also available). The Five Cheese was “dressed” with a garlic olive oil glaze. Cheeses were mozzarella, provolone, fontina, taleggio, grana padana. It also had pine nuts on it. King JT had to poke at King RJ’s crown until he would be talked into the cheese only pizza. As it turned out, both Kings enjoyed the Five Cheese. King RJ thought it was a bit on the salty side, and King JT could see his point; Yet it was still very tasty, and well seasoned on the thin hand stretched crust.

Italian Sausage & Carmelized Onions

The second pizza was Italian Sausage with Caramelized Onions. Both of our pizzas are in the gourmet pizza category, and there are many other interesting combination offerings including, Italian Sausage and Apple! Our sausage & onion pizza was also quite good. Noteworthy was the fresh, crushed tomato sauce. King JT thought it similar in quality to the delicious sauce at Pizzeria Davlo. The sausage was nicely flavored and the onion was in sweet contrast to the sausage’s spiciness.

The “discernment period” was the usual quiet time, lost in concentrating on pizza tastes. Then the time was upon The Kings, we were free to bespeak of the awarding of Crowns. King RJ preferred the sausage and onion pizza. King JT gave the edge to the five cheese. When the pepperoni had finally settled, The Kings betrothed Spin with 4.25 crowns! These are pizzas one could certainly crave, but eat fast as their thin crusts cool off quickly and the flavors fade with the waning heat.

Overall Spin is a nice experience. It can be crowded, so you may have to wait. Service was friendly and efficient.

INSERT MANDATORY PUN HERE: So, that’s The Omaha Pizza Kings spin on Spin! Cheers!

Spin Rates!

Spin Rates!