The Pizza Pie Guys

5138 N 156th St. Omaha (Southwest corner of 156th & Fort)

(402) 715-5050

Visit: Friday, January 30, 2015, about 7:30 pm
Traffic: Dining room / take out /delivery – Medium

First off, this is not the same set-up the Pizza Pie Guys had on 120th Street between Blondo and Maple. They’ve changed their tune, and provide a full service pizzeria.pp combo

Now, for the first time in awhile, The Pizza Kings dueled over scoring The Pizza Pies Guy’s pizza. Whilst it doesn’t occur often, the Kings held fast to their personal opines this time around. The Kings lacked sufficient common ground for a single score, sort of like your U.S. Congress.

Let’s begin. We were pleased to find a large variety of specialty pizzas on the menu, from Reuben, to Green Chili Enchilada, to Lacy’s Special, which is an intriguing mix between BBQ and Alfredo sauce. Certainly, there isn’t a shortage of selections here!

We Kings selected the Combo, and the Pancetta White Chicken at the counter, and then took our thrones. We both were taken immediately with the wonderful toppings on both pies. The combo had big, fresh, and scrumptious chunks of goodness. The pepperoni had good volume and persistent flavor. The sausage was of high flavor and quality, and the vegetables were fresh and crunchy. The chicken on the Pancetta was  clearly of high quality stock, and the garlic Alfredo on the Pancetta was delicious to King James, but just sufficient for King Richard. King James compared it to Pudgy’s Austrian, another white sauce pizza.PP chick

Beyond the toppings is where matters take a turn. Both Kings agree the crust was – like the dining area – utilitarian and without character or taste. Its structure generally held up well, with the exception of some greasy soggy-bogging in the middle of the combo. King James titled this “grease-a-licious” while Richard found it off-putting. The other issue lands on the combo, or actually doesn’t – the sauce. Neither King noticed it. At all.

This is where The Kings split. King James believed the toppings were of such caliber, that if rated alone, they’d be in 4.5 crown territory. However, King James overall pie rating was a four crown rating. Yet King Richard found the generic crust and lack of substantial sauce  (in taste or quantity) on the combo was a severe detriment, especially at the prices being asked. So while our scores are close, we stand firm in our opinions:

King Richard Rates: 3.5 crowns3.5 crownsKing James Rates: 4 Crowns4. crowns

As for the rest, The Pizza Pie Guys have a modest, utilitarian dining area (emphasis on utilitarian – if you like dining in a chilly room next to unused equipment). Alas, they did have a nice, big screen television, and the service was good. They seem to be more focused on delivery and take out orders. Otherwise, everything is pretty no nonsense:  no booze, no fountain drinks, no paper receipts! They said they would text us the receipt, but it never arrived.  Check Pinpoint for Pizza Pie Guys; Pinpoint use could help offset the slightly high prices.

In conclusion, overall a pleasant experience for both Kings, and a respectable pizza despite its foibles.

Until next time, the Kings bid you adieu!