The Omaha Pizza Kings ©2012

Every week, more or less, King RJ and King JT go out in search of the perfect pizza pie.  In this blog we intend to dazzle you with quality reviews  that are brilliant, fun, and full of pizza insights! Our haunts are area pizzerias and pizza serving establishments. Pizza lovers of Omaha, bow to The Kings and enjoy a slice with us!

The reviews are based on 1 to 5 crowns in quarter crown increments. This means that an “average” pizza would be 3 crowns. We’ll discuss all matter of our visit; the service, the atmosphere, the beer, the crowd – but the rating is only for the pizza. In other words, a pizza doesn’t get a higher rating whether served by some sultry wench or Sir Carrot Top.

Here are more details on the reviews. To be fair (and because sometimes we can’t help ourselves), we may re-visit locations from time to time. This enables us to see if our subjects are keeping up with our demanding standards.  It is always possible that our most beloved establishments could flounder, or alternately,  that the two-crown ratings might become five-crown!  You will be treated to our latest review as well as historical reviews. A five-crown review will be rare. The 5 crown pizzas would majestic in quality and trigger royal cravings. One slice reviews will also be rare; these pies would end up as feed for the royal carrier pigeons. You get the idea.

But do continue your attendance! We regularly entertain and amaze with stories, trivia, images, and a plethora of noble pizza wisdom. Wherever this site will take you, pizza will be around somewhere.  Ciao!

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