Conquests! Where we’ve been,. where we’re going…

For the record, The Omaha Pizza Kings look for the following criteria before we will review an establishment:

  • We prefer locally owned establishments.
  • Most are within a 1 hour drive from Omaha.
  • Pizza must be a main feature of their menu, but the eatery doesn’t specifically have to be a pizzeria.
  • The Kings will generally scoff at national chains. We deem their ilk formulaic and void of character worthy of the pizza kingdom.

Where we’ve held court:

Bernie’s                       Bene (R.I.P)
Big Fred’s                                                                 
Birck Oven Pizza                   The Pizza Pie Guys
Dante Ristorante Pizzeria    Don Carmelo’s
Frank’s                                 Finicky Frank’s
Joe Banana’s Pizza Parlor    LaCasa West
Lansky’s                               Lighthouse
Mama’s                                Mangia Italiana
Old River (R.I.P.)                   Piezano’s (Lincoln)
Pitch                                    Pizza Counter (Council Bluffs)
Pizza Gourmet (R.I.P.)          Pizza King (Council Bluffs)
Pudgy’s                                Red’s Savoy Pizza
Rigazzi’s                              Sam & Louie’s
Sgt Pfeffers                         Sortino’s
Spin                                     Villagio’s                                                                    Zio’s                                     Pizzeria Davlo

Places we have yet to go :
Cascio’s                                Jack’s Place
LaCasa East                         Baxter’s (Benson)
Orsi’s                                    Oscar’s                                                               Valentino’s
The Varsity’s Roman Coin

Did we neglect any of your favorites?  If so, be sure to leave them in the comment’s selection below and we’ll add them to the list!

– the Omaha Pizza Kings

2 thoughts on “Conquests! Where we’ve been,. where we’re going…”

  1. Try out the pizza pie guys…156th and Fort

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